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Moreton Island Information

Moreton Island is a large sand island, 37 KM long,
10 KM wide located 40 kms from Brisbane. 90% of the Moreton Island is National Park.

Access to Moreton Island is by the vehicle barge Micat. The barge leaves from Port of Brisbane authority and the trip over to Moreton takes approximate 1 hour 15 minutes. Pre-booking is essential and you will also require a beach vehicle permit this is also available from the Micat. A Four Wheel Drive is necessary to get around the island. Moreton Island is an island made up of sand and tracks are not boarded. There are no bitumen roads.

Queensland's first lighthouse, built in 1857, is at Cape Moreton. It's a great place to view the surrounding island and also a Visitor's Centre (Tourist Information Office) is located there with plenty of information about the Moreton Island.

Moreton Island provides great opportunities to view wildlife. Many species of birds, reptiles, marine life such as turtles, dolphins, dugongs, and fish call Moreton Bay home. You can view the spectacular plant life provided by the island which range from stunted heathlands, eucalypt forests, mangroves, open forests to freshwater lakes and creeks. Moreton Bay provides a vital feeding and resting point for over 50,000 migratory waders making their annual journey from the Arctic and sub Arctic regions between September and April each year. The Mirapool Lagoon area and the Heath Island area of Moreton Island are considered vital feeding and roosting sites.

Queensland's only whaling station operated at Tangalooma from 1952-1962. Remains of the station are still at Tangalooma resort.

In World War Two, large defence complexes were built at the settlements of Cowan Cowan and Toopani beach (the Rous Battery). The remains of these batteries and a variety of other relics are still present on the island today.

Check the EPA website for more information on Moreton Island.

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